WIREC PRESENTERS: Conference or Poster presentation - choose 1 or the other

Important: Please ensure your have registered for the event on the registration page before you submit your proposal!!

Biography: (150 words)

Theme: Land, Language, Ceremony, Relationship (identify primary and secondary themes if your presentation spans more than one)


Abstract: 250 words

On-site or On-line (ensure you have a stable internet connection if you are presenting from your home country.  Arrangements may also be made for pre-recorded presentations)

Technology you require (we have a pc platform, please bring presentations on USB)


  • 1.5 hour sessions (35 minutes to present, 10 minutes for questions, 2 presenters) 

  • The conference language is English, Presenters using other languages will be responsible for providing translation

* Please submit presenter/poster proposals to:  winhec.wirec.2021@bluequills.ca

* The deadline for submission of presentation proposals is now June 18th 2021,
Though we will do our best to accommodate late applications.